Thanks for joining me! I hope you like the first two songs from my album – The Beginning. My favourite out of the two songs is Good Day because it is a slower song and I don’t usually make these types of songs. I also like Good Day because we added in some violin and also some bass and I like the effect this has. While recording this song I could hear my guide version so that I could drum along to it easily. When I was doing the drums for Its a Better Way To Live a Long life however, I couldn’t hear the tempo of the song so it took me about four takes to actually get it right. Generally I find Good Day easier to play but I think Its a Better Long Way To Live a Long Life turned out better.  Its a Better Way to Live a Long Life is just played how I wrote it except for some minor effects added to my voice in the Metal bit. Overall I think I did a good job on both of these songs.