Wild Imagination – listen here

Double W final JPEG

Hello again! Thanks for stopping by. So the other day, I went back to the studio to record some other songs. Wild Imagination, one of my latest songs is a really loud, upbeat fast tempo song! In fact it’s so fast that its even hard to keep up with the singing. There is a certain story of how I came up with this song. A while back I was out in our garden and my mum asked me to go and play dinasours because I had a wild imagination. Then I just kept singing how I thought the song was going to be like. I worked out the riff on my guitar and then wrote the lyrics. When it was done, I thought it would be another one to record. The problem was that it was a bit repetative and there needed to be a different sound in one part of the song. Thats when I came up with two new ideas, a part in the middle of the song (the instrumental) where it slows down. This adds a real build in the song. The other idea was a different ending which I think sounds brilliant in the actual recording – a sort of ladder of power chords.  I really cannot stop listening to it. I hope you enjoy it.

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