Why Do You Have To Be Cross About It? – Listen here.

Double W final JPEG

Hi, a bit about my new song – Why do you have to be cross about it? First thing, my 7 year old brother Louis, plays the drums in this recording. His first time ever playing in the recording studio and I think he did a brillaint job! I came up for the guitar riff for this song one evening when I was just playing around with my guitar. It sounded really nice and so I wrote the tabs. Before I knew it I had the entire song worked – the verse, the pre chorus and the the chorus on the guitar. I then sat down to write the lyrics. My mum really liked this song and so did I, so I decided to go to the recording studio to record it.  In the recording studio I played the guitar for this song and we added some drive to give the guitar a more metal sound. When I sang, I sort of  mixed the vocals up a bit towards the end of the song to add more interest. Im really happy and I hope you enjoy it, thanks for listening.

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